Donnerstag, 21. Oktober 2010

A is for apple

It`s fall, leafes are turning golden, red and orange. we turn on our fireplaces and spend time with friends and family inside the house with hot teacups, sweet hot chocolates and yummy warm applepies with whipped cream or vanille sauce. or maybe a croq and baked apples with cinnamon, raisins and almonds after a long walk in the woods with your kids, or in my case with my two dogs ;-) i love this time a year and although we still have about 15 degrees celsius here in spain i totally feel like decorating my house with falling leafes and apple goodies!

sooo yummy. the adultversion for the sugared apples of my childhood kirmes experience by BellaSweetsandTreats


as cute as useful. find it at WillowWhimsy


this little tea cozy comes from a little etsy shop called  Britgaldesigns


this cute little apple hugger comes from UnravelMe